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SMT industry spray cleaning eq

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PBT-350 PCBA brush cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-08-14
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PBT-350 equipment parameters Features:

1. Fully automatic cleaning mode: Adopting chain claw track transmission, stable and efficient, automatic cleaning, rinsing and drying;
2, the whole process visualization: the cleaning room is equipped with a visualization window, the cleaning process at a glance
3, the most scientific brushing design: the combination of roller brush and flat brush, completely solve the cleaning blind zone, roller brush and flat brush can be removed;
4, comprehensive cleaning system: compatible with running water or chemical cleaning, for SMT; THT PCBA after welding surface residual rosin, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux / solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollutants thoroughly effective Cleaning
5, fuselage village quality: the overall 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy body, acid, alkaline and other cleaning fluid;
6. Cleaning the built-in filter device can realize the recycling of solvent, reduce the amount of solvent, and monitor the water quality after entering and rinsing;
7. There is an emergency stop button and leakage protection function.
8. Lower operating costs: lower equipment investment costs, localized services, teams and ample spare parts supply.
PBT-350 device parameter configuration:
Cleaning area: two groups of cleaning, cleaning liquid storage tank is used to recover and store cleaning liquid, and the cleaning liquid is subjected to level 3 filtration, heating and monitoring, and liquid level monitoring.
Pre-cleaning pump: (1));
Storage tank volume: ≤ 40L (1);
Filter device: pre-cleaning filter 0.45UM (1), cleaning filter 0.45UM (1)
Heating power: 2KW, heating temperature: room temperature - 70 ° C (adjustable);
Liquid level protection: low, medium, stop, over limit.
Spray pressure: digital display
Rinsing area: Rinsing water storage tank for recycling storage water, recycling, heating and monitoring, liquid level monitoring.
Pre-rinsing pump: 2KW (1), rinsing pump: 1,
Pre-rinsing storage tank volume: ≤ 40L (1); rinsing storage tank volume: ≤ 40L (1);
Rinsing water tank heating power: 4KW (2) Heating temperature: room temperature - 70 ° C (adjustable);
Filter device: pre-cleaning filter 0.45UM (1), cleaning filter 0.45UM (1)
Drying zone: The drying section is used to thoroughly dry the product and perform hot air circulation + heating and temperature monitoring on the wind.
Hot air blower: 2.2KW (1), ceramic heating tube: 400W (10), heating temperature: room temperature - 120 ° C (adjustable);
PBT-350 From the equipment parameters, it is an environmentally friendly cleaning equipment with rapid cleaning, high cleaning integration and batch cleaning.
Equipment appearance size:  
2750mm(L) ×1150mm(W) × 1100mm(H)
Process flow:
Into the board - into the board exhaust vent - chemical pre-washing - chemical cleaning - chemical wind cut isolation - pre-rinse - pre-rinse air cut isolation - rinsing - rinse two - the last spray - wind cut dry 1 - Spare air cut drying - hot air circulation drying
Capacity calculation:
Transmission speed: 0.1~1.5 m/min can be adjusted, the recommended working speed is adjusted to 0.4-1 m/min;
Basis: according to 350mmX100mm board, working speed of 1m/min
Example 150*200mm board, hourly output: about 400PCS/H This output is for reference only, whichever is the actual)
Conveying surface height:
750±50mm (adjustable)
Entrance direction:
Left to right out (view from the front window of the unit)
Exhaust volume (exhaust air volume):   
Approx. 36M3/Min; exhaust vent diameter: 120mm, 2 front and rear
About 600KG
Power requirement
AC380/3P/50H; total power 15Kw/25A;

Application field

PBT-350 is applied

The automatic water washing machine is an integrated high-end cleaning machine with energy saving, environmental protection and batch cleaning. It can fully perform online cleaning, rinsing and drying functions. a. Mainly used in military, aviation, aerospace electronics, medical, Car new energy, automotive coating products and high-end precision products cleaning multi-variety, high-volume PCBA board cleaning, can effectively clean the SMT/THT PCBA after welding surface residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no-clean type Organic and inorganic contaminants such as flux/solder paste; b. Cleaning of PCB board solder paste with poor printing, cleaning of scraper solder paste, etc.

Cleaning internal structure

1. Various size customization 2. Various function customization 3. Fully automated customization