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PBT-550 dust two-fluid cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-08-05
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Name: Mobile phone camera module cleaning machine


Model: PBT-550S

Device appearance

Customer site

Cleaning process:

Put in the material _____ one button cleaning starts, the safety door automatically closes __ two fluid cleaning _____ centrifugal dehydration (de-static ion wind and heating chamber auxiliary drying) _____ cleaning is completed, alarm prompt _____ glass door automatic turn on
Injection principle:

Equipment reliability:

All imported accessories to ensure product quality; more than 3 years experience technician assembly; equipment will be running for 30 hours before leaving the factory, test equipment stability and cleaning ability test; cleaning and drying are completed to ensure cleaning quality;



Simple maintenance:

The filter system is externally placed;

The water and gas pressure regulating valve is external.




Cleaning effect:

PBT-550S is a cleaning yield of 99%

Two-fluid cleaning equipment (customer data)




▲Replaceable cleaning discs can be used to clean a variety of products, and the cleaning discs are customized according to the products;
▲Equipment operation is convenient and quick, and more humanized;
▲The equipment adopts two-fluid cleaning, with high cleaning precision, zero damage to the product, and minimal consumption of pure water.
▲ Rotary spray bar to avoid secondary pollution;
▲High-speed centrifugal design, the speed can be adjusted 100-1500R/Min;
▲ Equipped with static elimination device and cavity wall heating device to achieve the best effect of auxiliary cleaning;
▲ equipped with a 2-stage air filtration system, the compressed air meets the ISO8573.1 standard;
▲ Reduce the width of the space-saving design, reduce the footprint of the clean room;
▲The whole machine is made of stainless steel body, which is resistant to acid and alkali, and has no pollution to the working environment. The mirror casing makes it easy to clean the equipment during maintenance;
▲It is completely cleaned with ultrapure water and is RoHS compliant.
Technical Parameters:

Device size


Cleaning plate specification

Customized (washing disk diameter <ø550mm)

Cleaning method

Two fluid cleaning

Drying method

High speed centrifugation

power supply

AC380V 50HZ

Total power


power consumption

When cleaning: 3.5kw/h

Standby: 1kw/h

Transmission horsepower


Environmental filtering


Air filtration


Centrifugal speed


Pure water consumption


Gas consumption


Cleaning pressure

Liquid pressure: 3-8Kgf/cm2 Air pressure: 0.2-0.5Mpa

DI water supply

Flow rate: >7LPM Resistivity: >17MΩ

Gas supply

Pressure: 0.45-0.7Mpa; flow rate: >30m3/H (cleanliness meets cleaning requirements)

Pure water inlet path

Ø12mm hose or PT1/2" internal thread

Gas source inlet diameter

Ø12mm air pipe

Drainage exit path

PT 1′′ internal thread

Exhaust port diameter

4′′×2 (need to enhance ventilation, wind speed is greater than 3m/sec)

Machine net weight

About 450KG