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PBT-650 wafer two fluid cleaning machine

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  • Release date:2019-08-05
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Name: wafer cleaning machine


Model: PBT-650

 Device appearance


Fixture schematic

Wafer cleaning machine PBT-650 cleaning machine Process:

Put in the material---one-key cleaning starts, the safety door closes automatically---two-fluid cleaning---centrifugal dehydration (de-static ion wind and heating chamber auxiliary drying)---cleaning---alarm prompt--- The glass door opens automatically.
High-speed centrifugal design, mainly used for precision cleaning of 4-12 inch silicon wafers; with two-fluid cleaning, static elimination / nitrogen,
High-speed centrifugation and other devices make the parts to be cleaned dry and clean.

Wafer cleaning machine PBT-650 cleaning machine Equipment reliability:

All imported accessories to ensure product quality;
More than 3 years experience in technical assembly;
The equipment will be operated for 30 hours before leaving the factory, testing equipment stability and cleaning ability test;

Crystal cleaning machine PBT-650 cleaning machine quality assurance:

The filter system is externally placed;

The water and gas pressure regulating valve is external.

Cleaning and drying are completed to ensure the cleaning quality.

 Wafer cleaning machine PBT-650 cleaning machine Features:

▲ replaceable cleaning suction cups, can use 4-12 inch cleaning suction cups;

▲Operation procedures can be programmed and adjusted according to the operation requirements. The equipment operation process, cleaning time and various parameters can be compiled by themselves;

▲The equipment running status and parameters are monitored online in real time, and the automatic door is equipped with a safety grating to ensure safe operation;

▲Using vacuum adsorption cleaning disc, the pick and place of the crystal element fixture is safer and more convenient;

Wafer cleaning machine PBT-650 cleaning machine Technical parameters

Device size


Cleaning plate specification

4-12 inches (optional)

Cleaning disk size

custom made

Pure water inlet path

Ø8mm outer diameter pure water hose

Drainage exit path

3/4′′ hose

Gas source inlet diameter

Ø12mm PU air pipe

Air outlet

2.5′′ leather pipe joint (75mm outer diameter)

power supply

AC220V; 50HZ ;5A

Total power


power consumption

When cleaning: 1.5kw/h

待机时: 0.5kw/h

Gas supply


DI water supply


Cleaning pressure


Centrifugal speed


Transmission horsepower


Pure water consumption


Gas consumption


Air filtration

One-stage 0.01μm degreasing filter; two-stage 0.01μm precision filter

Environmental filtering


Machine net weight

About 200KG